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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

We strive to hasten your rehabilitation through the use of therapeutic activities.

Our rehabilitation services include a set of therapies that focuses on building or regaining strength, independence, communication, community-integration, and skills.

We provide:

  • Group exercises
  • Assistance with Obtaining Therapy Equipment

We also offer the following therapies:

Physical Therapy

We provide therapeutic exercises, such as gait and balance training and range of motion exercises, to help them perform daily living tasks on their own and regain their strength and independence.

Occupational Therapy

Through the use of activities of daily living, we guide our participants towards regaining or learning a new set of skills that they can use to improve their mobility and allow them to do the things they want and need.

Speech Therapy

Seniors with swallowing and speech disorders need professional help. As such, we have speech-language pathologists who can help them improve their communication skills and swallowing problems.

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