4 Actions to Take Right Away If an Elderly Loved One Falls

4 Actions to Take Right Away If an Elderly Loved One Falls

by goldenUser ,October 21, 2022

4 Actions to Take Right Away If an Elderly Loved One Falls

Important note: Please dial 911 so that a paramedic can transport your loved one to the hospital if they have recently fallen and are unable to stand up, are bleeding, appear lazy, or you believe they may have hurt themselves. You risk inadvertently hurting them more if you try to lift them yourself.  

Older people frequently get injuries from falls. In fact, one in four persons over 65 falls annually, and these mishaps account for most fatal and nonfatal injuries in this age range. Elderly folks run a very high risk of losing balance for several reasons. In this post, we’ll discuss why senior people fall more frequently, why injuries result from falls more regularly, and what to do right away following a fall and how important are Community Based Adult Services. Let’s start now.  

Why Are Elderly Adults More Likely To Fall?  

Accidents involving trips, slips, and falls are frequent and can occur to anyone. However, there are several reasons why senior people are more likely to sustain injuries after a fall. Our muscles weaken, and our bones grow more brittle as we age, increasing our risk of injury. Additionally, they frequently lack coordination and balance, which raises the likelihood of falling in the first place. Further, many older adults take medications that can make them dizzy or make it difficult to balance, increasing the fall risk. Finally, many older adults live alone and might not have somebody to assist them if they fall. While trips, slips, and falls are frequently minor mishaps, they can be very dangerous for seniors. If you’re caring for a loved one who has just fallen or if you want to know what to do in such an emergency or can enroll in elderly care Arcadia, go on reading.   

Steps To Take Immediately After A Fall  

A few things need to be done immediately if the older adult in your care falls or haven’t gone for adult day care. The top three are as follows:  

  1. Check to see if they are injured: 
  • Call 911 immediately if they are bleeding or experiencing discomfort. 
  • Help them to a comfortable sitting or lying down position if they are not hurt, then stay with them until they feel better. 
  • Keep them warm, cozy, and still while you wait for the ambulance to arrive to prevent more injuries.   
  1. Try to figure out why they fell: To prevent them from falling again, move it out of the path if they tripped over something. Have them lie down and raise their feet if they feel lightheaded or dizzy. If you think a medicine may have caused dizziness for your loved ones, you can also talk to their doctor about it.  
  2. Make sure they stay hydrated: While resting, lower their heart rate, and clear their brains; offer them a snack or beverage if required.  
  3. Stay calm: When a loved one falls, it can be frightening and worrying, but it’s crucial to maintain composure to make the best decisions and keep them as calm as possible.  

Closing Thoughts  

Nobody enjoys considering the potential of their elderly family members stumbling, slipping, falling or going for day care for adults. However, being aware of this situation is crucial, particularly if you’re looking after an aging family member. For more such details, Golden Years ADHC is your go-to place.