Tips To Convince Your Elderly To Attend Adult Day Care

Tips To Convince Your Elderly To Attend Adult Day Care

by goldenUser ,August 9, 2022

Tips To Convince Your Elderly To Attend Adult Day Care

We recognise that the topic of adult day care might be sensitive. Children frequently urge their parents to enrol in an adult day care facility. Still, parents often believe that doing so would mean losing all of their independence and assuming a new identity they aren’t quite ready to accept. Fortunately, there are ways to convince a parent of the benefits of adult day care, which benefit the older adult in need of care and the person providing it.

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is a type of care institution frequently found in a hospital, assisted-living facility, community centre, or church. These establishments, which non-profit or for-profit businesses may operate, typically provide activities, help, and supervision for adults of various ages and needs. While it’s a frequent misconception that day care is only for persons who are ill, disabled, or have dementia, this is untrue.   

Health care, monitoring, and enjoyable activities like games, exercise, pet therapy, crafts, music lessons, or social hours are typically provided at day care facilities. While serving these groups, adult day care centres also offer services for people who are just lonely or need some extra help, even if they don’t yet need round-the-clock care. Adult children who find it challenging to keep up with their parents’ care find that day care for adults is frequently far less expensive than employing a home care aide. Right now, it’s believed that there are more than 5,000 adult day care facilities across the US, and more than 260,000 people use them annually.  

Why Choose Adult Day Care?  

Adult day care centres can be an excellent method to ensure that needy or ill parent has the care they need during the hours when children are at work or taking care of their families, even while they are not a replacement for round-the-clock care for those who require it. It may rapidly become difficult for a kid to take care of an unwell parent on their own, which is why day care is crucial. Adult day care is a terrific option to afford a break for exhausted caregivers who need one.  

It’s time to discuss adult care with your parent if you think it will benefit you and your family. The biggest hurdle in these interactions is making adult care appear like a delightful, accepting atmosphere rather than one that threatens your parent’s independence.  

Consider getting a professional to help you talk to your parent if they are a suitable candidate for adult care, but the two of you are having problems coming to terms with the idea. Your mom might be open to the concept and understand the benefits if a doctor, social worker, or counsellor recommends adult care. Parents frequently baulk at the prospect of enrolling their children in adult day care, only to love the programme once they’re there thoroughly. Having said that, persist if your parent doesn’t seem responsive right away. They could only require hearing it from another person.  

  • Change the association  
  • Highlight the strengths  
  • Call for help  
  • Ease into it  
  • Be patient  


Even though adult day care centre isn’t the most pleasant subject to discuss, it can be a crucial type of extra care for older adults. Adult day care is a great way to spread out the caregiving duties and allow your parent to meet new people and learn fun new skills, whether they require modest care or 24-hour supervision.